Secret to Traveling Long Term

How can you travel long term?  Don’t have a lot of money?
Too many responsibilities at home?

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Part 1

The Secret to Traveling Long Term

Let me point out, there are tons of internet resources and many…I mean…Many!, very successful bloggers that address these very issues. Each one has something to contribute because they are written by real people. That’s the key point….these are real people travelling.

These real people, are in fact…. male / female, solo travellers / couples / families with kids, all ages, various ethnic backgrounds.…..and get this, most don’t have a lot money either. It fact, some are down right poor, but they are living their dreams…..on purpose! How cool is that?!

Traveling long term is not a new idea or concept either, so you can take their advice and apply it to your situation in order to make it work for you.

Now the big question
How can you travel long term?

First, you have to get those mental blockades removed. “I can’t do it because (excuse goes here).”. Excuse after excuse. Don’t get me wrong, there are some legitimate excuses, but when it comes to accomplishing your other life goals, what have you done about it? You put your time and energy into accomplishing those goals, right? Get into that mindset and apply those very strategies in order to travel long term as well.

You can’t say it’s not a reality for you, because like I said….. real people in the same situation as you have already proven you wrong by having done it, doing it, and continue to do it. The only difference between you and them…..they followed through with it.

Want to travel long term….make it a goal!

That’s the secret! – Make it a goal. You don’t have to be rich, or have a lot of money, that’s already been proven by many long term travellers ahead of you.

Some are saying to themselves, “But that’s not reality. I have no money”, “I have too many responsibilities..blah, blah blah…”. Ok, you win. I can’t help you any further, you might as well stop reading and get back to work. Unless!!! , you want to hear how IT IS possible.

“I don’t and wont have a lot of money.” Tell that to all the penniless travel bloggers I’ve come across. They’ll give you some great advice and tips on how to make it happen. Each one has something to contribute that’ll you find useful for your situation and dreams. So there are options. Actually, too many for me to list here, and rather me typing them all out, I’m purposely going to make you research it out to prove my point. Google search: Travelling for Free, Travelling on a budget, Free Accommodations, Making money travelling, How to travel for free.

Try this:
Let me ask you, “Why is traveling long term not possible?” Write down your answers in point form.

For example:

Add to your list as time goes on because I’m going to show you how you can breakdown those blockades, hopefully without doing something stupid or getting arrested.

Ok, looking at your list, it took you some time to accomplish those goals and they didn’t occur over night….except kids, which took 2 minutes of your time.…..but for everything else, it takes time, so don’t expect to pack your bags and leave in a hour.

Applying yourself to your goals. The majority of people don’t think about applying a strategy to make it a reality and unfortunately that’s the only secret to make it happen. Set your goal and go for it!

I broke it down into 4 steps for you to follow. It’s a 4 step program….. geez, that sounded like an infomercial….”…and 4 Easy payments of $1599.00……”

Dream itWant it
Research the Heck Out of It
Plan it
Take Action & Do it

So, what’s next? Ask yourself…

What is your traveling dream?
Where do you want to go?
How do you want to travel?
What’s your timeline?

Start writing down your travel dreams and ideas. Now research the heck out it.

As for those readers that have too many responsibilities to make it a possibility, here’s the true story I promised…

I (yes me, Jayson) personally know a Professional Couple with 2 kids…. They worked their butts off, saved up for a few years….took a year off (leave of absence) from their careers….took their kids out of elementary school for the year and home schooled them, while they hiked around the world! Now they are back to their “regular life”. That was a family of 4.

So how did they do it? By taking 4 steps to make it happen. They dreamed it, researched the heck out of it, made plans, including having someone else live in their house for a year. It sounds easier then it actually was. They were faced with all kinds of roadblocks and variables to contend with, however, they took all the necessary steps to make it happen.

That list your making of “why it’s not possible”, take an item and figure out how you can breakdown that roadblock.

For example: You own a house that is preventing you from traveling longterm because of all the responsibilities that comes with home ownership. You have a few options, its just a matter of researching each option to suite your needs. Rent it out, put it up on House Sitters. Those are not your only options, so search out other ideas and read what other bloggers have done.

Currently renting a place? When is your lease up? Make it a goal to have all things put in Storage (rent or in family members basement) at the end of the lease so that you can go traveling. Work out details ahead of time for when you do come back, you can stay at a friends or family members until you find your own place again.

What do you about finding a place to live when you get home? Consider house sitting in your home town until you find a place. Or, if you’re on good terms with your landlord, have them keep you posted for openings in the future.

As you can see, whether you own or rent your home, there are options and those are not the only options, but its opening your eyes to see the possibilities where you thought there were none.

You have kids….. consider home schooling them. Before you say “No Freak’n Way!”, you should know that there are lots of families who home school who are and are not traveling. Its a reality that is happening right now. Research home schooling and watch the options open up for you.

Take the next item on your list and do the same thing with researching what other travellers have done. There are options, you just have to find one that suites your needs and then make it happen.

Do you see what’s happening? Options are opening up due to gaining knowledge. How do you get knowledge?

Research, Research, Research

What to research…
Google Search: Travel blogs, FaceBook, How to Travel the world for free, solo travelling, Living off the grid, How to travel for free, Make money travelling, Free Transportation, transportation ideas, cheap transportation. Free camp, campgrounds, bed and breakfast, cheap hotels, couch surfing, house sitting, cheap accommodations, free accommodations. Travel on a budget, volunteering over seas, Minimalist Lifestyle, Hiking the world, Home schooling,

Try Pinterest for visual stimulation and keeping track of ideas. It’s good to dream!
Here’s mine:

Each of these searches will reveal more information to assist you in planning for your adventure and might even open your eyes to see or pursue other ideas. Read through, click onto links and learn as much as possible while exploring the vast amount of information and ideas.

Money – What to do about the lack of funds?
For the most part, it’s a minimalist lifestyle, so you wont need to be a millionaire. As I stated before, read what others have done, doing and continuing to do. There are many options to travel on a limited budget.

Start researching and googling the above key search words and watch a whole new world of ideas and possibilities open up to you.

Transportation – The slower you travel, the less expensive it is.
Google Search: Free Transportation, transportation ideas, cheap transportation. Traveling by bicycle, hitch hiking, traveling my motorcycle, traveling by (insert key word), How to travel solo,

Don’t limit yourself to one type in the beginning. Meaning, do your research on all types of transportations. Maybe you’d like to work on a Boat Cruise…travel, work and free transportation!

Hiking – Takes forever to get places but you save on transportation
Bicycle – A little faster, save on gas money
Car with Teardrop Trailer
Van Concerted To Camper
Old School Bus convert into a RV
Live aboard Sailboat

Google Search: Free camp, campgrounds, bed and breakfast, cheap hotels, couch surfing, house sitting, cheap accommodations, free accommodations

Free Camp
Motels / Hotels
Couch surfing
Bed and Breakfast
House Sitting

What have other bloggers experienced?
Read as many blogs as you can, go through their links, check em’ out. Go through my blogs and maybe you’ll find some useful tips.

For example…. During my travels, I have learned some valuable accommodation facts regarding hotels. If you’re going to stay at hotels, apply the lessons I learned to your advantage.

Accommodation Tips:

Tip #1 – Go to the tourism information centres and talk with the employees, they often have coupons for hotels and offer amenities you might need.

Tip #2 – Did you know that some, not all, but some, fancy casino resorts are cheaper to stay at than some campgrounds? Which means… hot showers, swimming pool, cozy bed, and hot morning breakfast at some!

Tip #3 – It’s usually cheaper to stay at hotels during the week days, rather than the weekend or during prime times.

Tip #4 – Arriving at a hotel, give a big friendly smile, Nooooo that that dopey one, a real sincere smile…geez…..and ask if they have a special rate or discounts for the night or two nights. You’ll be surprised how often it works to get a discount.

Read what other bloggers have experienced for great tips and ideas for your adventure.

Knowledge – Research, Research, Research!
Strategy – Make a Plan!
Execute – Do it!

Part 2
Commonality Among Long Term Travellers

As you research your goals, ideas, and adventures, you’ll find a lot of commonality among fellow long term travellers. The three I want to point out are:

Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist Lifestyle – When you’re travelling, you don’t need a lot. And what you do need is usually acquired during your journey.

Flexible – When I say flexible, I don’t mean flexible in touching their toes to their nose…or each other’s nose….I mean they’re flexible with how they travel and where they stay the night. Don’t panic, there are lots of great cheap places to stay during your travels.

Flexible Attitude – It’ll be so much easier on you mentally if you’re flexible with the idea that plans change and you are willing to accommodate those changes. Meaning, let’s say you’re ideal trip around the world is to drive it by converting an old school bus into an RV. Then you realize that financially for your situation its not possible. Be flexible, make your plans with the idea of traveling by camper van instead. And if that’s still too expensive, how about considering a motorcycle or bicycle, or hiking. In order to travel long term, you must be flexible. Don’t just be “willing” to be flexible, because you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment if something happens and forces you to be flexible. Get in the mindset that you “are” flexible to change.

Resourceful – Read Blogs written by other long term travellers, there are some very resourceful people with great ideas and tips. Also, don’t just stick to one type of topic…ie: cycling the world. Check out other types of blogs because they also have some useful ideas that would apply to your journey.