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Tips# 4, 5, 6

Tip #4 – Check the weather station ahead of time.  The weather station is like your best friend… gives you good advice, but is often wrong.  Take gear and make it easily assessable should the weather change on you. Tip … Continue reading

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Night Riding

It poses all kinds of new obstacles, especially if you’re in unfamiliar territory. It’s important to have proper night time lenses, not only to protect your eyes but to see that drunken idiot crossing the street…. or a deer…..or a … Continue reading

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Think Outside the Box

Forget traveling by 4 wheels….do something different! Whether its a planned tour or simply going on your own, you have got to try it at least once! Take an adventure by motorcycle! What if you don’t own a motorcycle? No … Continue reading

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Product Review – MEC Reactor 3.8 Air Mattress

A little humour added…keep reading As you maybe aware, I had discovered throughout the night, the air mattress deflated as a result of a hole. No problem, I’ll just repair it with the patch kit it came with. Let me … Continue reading

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Free Bed & Breakfast

After a long wet cold ride along Interstate 5 from Crescent City, California to Washington State, I stopped in and I’m currently visiting relatives in Onalaska, Washington….and over staying my welcome, bwahaha! It’s been a constant down pour with very … Continue reading

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Geez….I gotta laugh at my bad luck.

The best advice for any trip….ask the locals!   Having asked locals in Lincoln City, I was advised that Humbug Mountain State Park was a beautiful place to camp. They were right. Very clean, well kept and my favourite amenity: … Continue reading

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When a Good Idea Turns Bad

I found a great little place to camp for the night. It was obviously used by others with the remnants of a campfire and a clearing for a small gathering. For the most part is was fairly clean for a … Continue reading

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