Tell them I sent you!

Important: I’m not being influenced or compensated by any means to write or say any of this.  This is my unbiased observations.  As an outsider / customer, the following information is important for you to know

Heading to workHey everyone!  

I’m back to working on motorcycles for the next several months!  

I’m not really about giving “free plug-ins”, but I making an exception today because …

It all has to do with the people! 🙂 

My co-workers, throughout all departments of the business, including management  at Barnes Harley Davidson in Langley BC….are all truly amazing people!

I’m blessed because it doesn’t “feel” like a job, if that makes any sense because it’s like I’m getting paid to do a hobby while being surrounded by people I enjoy being around. How many people can say that? It’s a great feeling to be working in this type of environment and the people at Barnes have done a great job to make it that way.

HD_wheels_1This will be my 2nd season working at Barnes and I’m thrilled to be back!

There is one other point – working with the other technicians , I have to mention….

I’ve never met a more helpful group of people in my life!   They want each individual technician to succeed, so they are always available and offering their assistance to each other.  

Their hidden agenda is this:  If you (a fellow technician) messes up, it makes them & their department look bad.  They don’t want to look bad in anyones eyes.   They want you (the technician) to succeed because it makes them look good too!    

As a customer, you are not just getting one technician working on your bike, you’re getting the whole department working on it to ensure the success of it!  How awesome is that! 

Come down…and….. Tell them I sent you!

On a side note, although I won’t have as much free time as I have had, that doesn’t mean I won’t be out and about exploring!  I’m fairly new to this area, Maple Ridge BC, so I still have lots to see and do!


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I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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