Connecting with a Fellow Solo Traveller

Paul and I in Wells Nevada

Paul and I in Wells Nevada

A few months ago, I was in Dayville Oregon when I come across another solo traveler, Paul, who was on a similar adventure. Read more about it here: Nomadic Motorcycle.

Exactly 4 months later, our paths crossed again and it was definitely good for the soul.

See, both of us are currently in limbo, waiting for that date to come when the next big adventure begins. The dates are set, but now its just waiting for it to get here, so until that day arrives, which sucks because you (I) want to go now. 🙂 (read: Emotionally, what to expect)

Paul and I went for coffee, walked around and talked liked best friends would. The discussions were filled with enthusiasm and the topics were about future adventures, solo traveling, the lifestyle, being a minimalist, relationships, society, getting away from the rat race, expectations, the pro’s and con’s of it, the future, goals and everything else that makes it exciting to live this type of lifestyle.

Something I do want to point out to others….although its not an easy lifestyle….I have to ask you, “ What lifestyle is?”. No matter what lifestyle you choose, you will always have ups and downs. You should know the other reality of this journey…..The rewards are awesome! It’s an amazing journey filled with positive experiences that show’s you there is so much more to life. You see life in a different perspective, and it’s very exciting! How can you make it happen for yourself? Start here: Secret to long term travel

The past few hours spent with a fellow solo traveler was a well needed positive experience to speak and connect with a like minded individual on the same path. It’s refreshing, encouraging and exciting! This is definitely something every solo traveler should do, connect with others on the same path.

In a couple weeks, Paul will be flying to South America with his motorcycle, where he’ll be exploring for an indefinite time. I’m so envious! We don’t know when our paths will cross again, but he will always remain a good friend. Safe travels buddy!


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I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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