Night Riding

It poses all kinds of new obstacles, especially if you’re in unfamiliar territory.

It’s important to have proper night time lenses, not only to protect your eyes but to see that drunken idiot crossing the street…. or a deer…..or a drunken deer depending where you live.

Don’t be a putz and wear shades that impede your vision.  One, you NEVER look cool wearing shades in a mall, so what makes you think you look cool wearing them at night.  Don’t be like that mullet wearing doofus that everyone snickers at.  As a rider, you have more than your share of variables being thrown at you.  This is one that you can control, so be smart about it.

20151127_New West BCAlso, do yourself and you pocket book a favour, get clear or next to clear (yellow) shades for night driving.   If you get into an accident, while wearing dark lenses ….guess who’s going to be found at fault and paying for the bike repairs?  No matter how funny it sounds that a tree apparently jumped out at you and beat your ass to a pulp and then wrapped itself around your bike……you’re the one that’ll end up paying big bucks for that accident.  Now that I think of it…. I’d rather hear the funny story, do what you want and let me know how it worked out for you.

I have interchangeable lenses, which you can find at various stores.   Want to know a little known secret that most motorcyclist are not aware of?  Bicycle shops have great gear that you can use for riding….no, not spandex race shorts.   Rain gear and interchangeable lenses for sunglasses to name a couple great items.  I’m only suggesting this, because I know some motorcycle dealerships can be pretty expensive, so depending on how much night riding you do, you can get away with a cheaper alternative.  

I know, I know, you want to know where I got mine from.  I purchased these from MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop).  I’m only letting you know because they were a cheaper alternative and have done me well at night.    



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