Product Review – MEC Reactor 3.8 Air Mattress

A little humour added…keep reading

As you maybe aware, I had discovered throughout the night, the air mattress deflated as a result of a hole. No problem, I’ll just repair it with the patch kit it came with.

Let me go back to the beginning….

I have always loved MEC (No, they are are paying me to say this) because everything I had every purchased has lasted or is currently lasting longer than I have ever expected. The quality has been great.

So when it came time to purchase an air mattress, no problem, I went to MEC.  At MEC, they had several opened up on display, so you can compare them to each other. Behind them, located on the shelves, were the ones you would purchase, which were all ready in their compact form.

I needed one that would be compact enough to take up as little room as possible, so I grabbed one that looked like it would match my required needs. It wasn’t quite my full length, actually, my feet would not be on the air mattress at all, which I was fine with.  My new air mattress paid for and in hand, it was a proud moment!

Ok, let’s jump to present day…

Using the repair kit it came with, I fixed the hole. You’d think it would be a proud moment…. however thats when I discovered the symbols on the air mattress and the carrying pouch did not quite match my stealthy manliness, abs of steel, broad shoulders, python biceps and masculine personality.

MEC Reactor 3.8

MEC Reactor 3.8

Air Mattress’ are now gender specific? Are you serious?  Oh crap! I just realized…. sigh….I fit a girls air mattress…how embarrassing…..

Oh wait, maybe that’s why the air mattress kept deflating…..I’m too manly for it! Whew….saved my ego!


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2 Responses to Product Review – MEC Reactor 3.8 Air Mattress

  1. Peter McLaren says:

    I hope you got a better mattress for your kayak trip.
    My most comfortable sleep is on an MEC Exped Downmat. The down insulation cuts the cold form the ground and is just about as good as a box spring. BTW I use a 3/4 size mat while my wife has to have the much larger version. Other paddling couples have confirmed, the guys use the smaller mats while the women go for the max comfort.
    Peter in Langley BC

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