The Hardest Part of the Journey

What you may encounter….

Physically – The hardest part is keeping my hands and knees warm. Although layers help, once it gets to the bones, its over. You have to stop and warm up or even call it a day. You can’t keep going because your hands and fingers are slower to react due to the death grip you’ve been giving the handgrips.

Emotionally – The hardest part is knowing that all those wonderful sights, sounds, and memories will not be shared firsthand by anyone else. It’s a lonely feeling for sure. During the day when I’m sight seeing, meeting nice interesting people, and taking in the adventure…it’s been awesome! But once I’m laying there in my tent or hotel… saddens me that I’m alone.

Physically – I will keep trying new things to stay warm and comfortable. Emotionally – I have to keep in mind that I can’t sit at home and not live life. I have to keep going and enjoy each day with the hopes and dreams of meeting someone special.


About One Canadian's Journey

I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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1 Response to The Hardest Part of the Journey

  1. westcoastcat says:

    What if she is in your own backyard? safe travels and best wishes … 🙂

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