What are the odds!?

Dayville Oregon

Dayville Oregon

The next morning, another hot shower, packed up and headed towards a small town called, Dayville, Oregon.  Although I would have preferred to stop in at local diner, it was Subway that caught my hunger first.
Pulling into the parking lot, there was another motorcycle with B.C. plates.  Cool!

But what are the odds of that in an out of the way town?  I met this guy, Paul S., who had just arrived as well. We shared a table, ate, shared a few storied…and….get a load of this…..he is from the same area back home and is currently doing the same thing I’m doing!  The only difference being, he is heading to South America to explore.

It was really nice to meet Paul because we had a lot in common, perspectives, ideas, and goals, as well as a similar life history.  It was like looking in the mirror…except I’m sooo much more handsome 😉  (Sorry Paul, but when you have your own blog you can write whatever you want, bwahaha!)

We were heading in the same southernly direction, which made it nice to have company for a couple days.

Free Camp - side of the road by a flowing creek

Free Camp – side of the road by a flowing creek

We Free Camped along the hwy near a creek, among the trees and hills.

That night, it rained, ugh.

Hwy 26 Oregon

Hwy 26 Oregon

Waking up and seeing that the morning clouds were within arms reach, very pretty!

Hwy 26 Oregon

Hwy 26 Oregon

Traveling through winding roads, enjoying the amazing scenery….it was a long beautiful ride, which would have been so much better if we didn’t get rained on, we ended up in Wells, Nevada.

Today we depart in separate directions but will meet up again in the future.

Paul and I in Wells Nevada

Paul and I in Wells Nevada


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I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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